Woman To Be With Sister Who Is In Cri...

Cheryl's sister is in ICU in very critical condition. The doctors are not sure she will make it. Cheryl is very close with her sister and needs to be there for emotional support.

Son To See Mom With Stage 4 Cancer

About six weeks ago, I went to the doctor for a broken bone in my leg. After numerous tests, I was told that I have inoperable Stage 4 lung cancer, brain cancer and cancer in my left leg. With chemo and radiation we are trying to improve the quality of life that I have left. I am 55-years-old and dying.

I am a single mother to four young men who I raised on my own after divorce, and I have four beautiful grandchildren. Three of my sons and one grandson live on the East Coast so I have not seen them since before I was diagnosed but I long to have them near me. When I said good-bye to them last spring when I moved back out to BC, I meant Good-bye/See you later, not a final good-bye. A final good-bye is different. My dying wish is to have the opportunity to hold my sons and grandson again, and to say a real good-bye after spending quality time together and loving each other up. I have to give them enough love and memories to last a lifetime!

My friend has been trying to raise enough money to buy four tickets to get my loved ones to me. We were able to raise enough for two plane tickets. On top of that, a generous person took care of buying one ticket so that just leaves 1 plane ticket that we need help for. I am praying that your organization can help to bring my family together by providing the last remaining ticket that is needed.

We are not a family with much money; none of this would be possible without the help of generous people. While my heart has never hurt so much as it did when he left for home; it has also never been so grateful for the gift that I was given to see him one more time. What a wonderful visit we had. It was full of love, laughter and tears. I want nothing more than to have the opportunity to hold my other 2 sons and grandson like that again, too, and to spend some quality time with them before the brain tumour takes over and/or the Lord calls me home. I desperately need the love from my family at this time and the hope!

Sister To Visit Younger Brother With ...

I would like to see my younger brother Andy. He is terminally ill with stomach cancer and is currently receiving palliative medical care in Calgary. He can only look at social media posts because stalking to him is an effort without totally breaking down. To reassure him that we are there to support him come what may.

Grandson To See Ailing Granddad Who R...

My grandfather has been the only father figure I've ever known, since my biological father has never been involved in my life. I moved out to BC to try and find work recently and have not yet secured employment or a permanent address (I am staying with friends). My grandfather is at Dulcina Hospice and failing quickly. I would love an opportunity to say goodbye to him. Thank you so much for your help.

A last Visit To See Mom and Grandmom

It is important for me and my children to travel to Calgary to see my mom as she is in hospice. Mom has chronic heart failure and we really do not know how much time she has left. I came to Calgary a few months ago to see her before she went into the hospital as she waited for a bed to be available in the hospice. My children haven't seen their grandmother in a year and I would like to give them an opportunity to say goodbye to their loving Grandmother. I would love to be able to visit mom more frequently, but unfortunately I live in New Brunswick and with the cost of plane tickets to fly across country, work, and kids in school it makes it very difficult. Thank you so much for this opportunity. This program is wonderful.

Emergency Flight To See Dad In Hospic...

I would like to see my stepdad Steve in hospice. 7 years ago he had a defibrillator put in as a result of Atrial Fibrillation (which almost killed him). In September 2017 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Not long after he started chemotherapy but about a week after each round of chemo he would have a heart attack and end up in the hospital. Consequently they decided that he could no longer endure IV chemo as it was causing the heart attacks. They then attempted oral chemo medication and some radiation only for him to have 6 heart attacks as a result. The cancer has since spread to his spine and other parts of his body and is putting increased stress on his heart. As a result he made the conscious, but difficult, decision to go into hospice as the heart attacks were happening weekly.

Steve came into my life 10 years ago. My parents divorced when I was 12 and growing up my Mom always put my sister and I first and never made time for her. When she said that she had reconnected with an old friend we were excited for her. He opened his home to us when we had to move my Nana as he lived closer to her than us (this was before he and my mom lived together). He makes time to encourage and support my sister and me through all of our life choices. Though he has not always been able to be there in person he finds a way through Facetime or over the phone. He is my Mom’s best friend and encourages her to do things that make her happy. He has been positive every day through everything (even on the bad days he manages to find a positive) and is a bit stubborn too. I don’t see him often as I live a province away but I’m pretty sure I talk to him more than my Mom.

When Steve was diagnosed in September they made the decision not to tell me right away as they felt I would take it pretty hard as I had just been diagnosed and had surgery for Melanoma in my leg. My sister eventually called to tell me as my Mom couldn’t bring herself to do it. My sister also called me to tell me that Steve was in hospice. When I asked if I needed to come home that day she said “If you would have asked me yesterday, I would have told you yes as I didn’t think he was going to make it through the night. As for today he looks really good.” I know what it means to live life every day and do it with no regrets. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with Steve but my budget is tight with daily expenses and student loans. I looked at driving but gas is not cheap and it’s a day travel each way. With a direct flight from Penticton to Calgary I can be there in an hour and fifteen minutes and not wasting precious time spent with Steve and my Family; time I can’t get back. Thank you for your consideration in this matter and thank you for everything you do to help families.