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What is Give A Mile?

Give A Mile is a ‘not for profit’ online platform that enables people to visit a palliative ill person or people with a life-threatening illness through crowdfunding of flights via donations of travel loyalty miles.

How does the transaction process work?

Give A Mile connects with people dealing with a palliative ill person or critical illness through its partnership, via people submitting their profile form to us and outreach in our communities. The person that needs to travel to see palliative/seriously ill friends or family creates a profile form, describes their story and where they need to go. Give A Mile then reviews this form by its flight review team. If approved, Give A Mile posts this story for donors to donate loyalty travel miles to help those in need. There is also a general miles pool, which comes from people and corporate donations. Give A Mile will do its best to help everyone in need by donating miles to the stories where timing is the most critical for the pooled miles.

How did Give A Mile start?

Kevin Crowe, our founder, lost a very close friend to brain cancer. Before his friend passed away, Kevin spent a lot of time visiting him in a hospice. This experience was compelling and meaningful. Sometimes friends and family cannot afford to see their loved ones one last time. This moment was heartbreaking. Kevin came up with this idea to help those who have that one last visit. How does Give a Mile fund its day-to-day operations? Give a Mile is a 100% donation model – all miles donated go to that specific person’s story to help them, not to an organization in the middle. Funds that go to running our operation are raised separately and declared as such. Think of it as two separate buckets we use. We ask and need people to donate money to help our operational costs, and we are fully transparent on how these funds get spent.

Can I see your financials?

We are currently updating how we will format and share this information. We are committed to 100% transparency. We aim to release annual statements online each year.

2020 Financial Details

2018 Financial Details

2015 Financial Details

2014 Financial Details

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, ideas or other feedback you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!  



What are the qualifications to be selected?

You must have a family member or very close friend that is a palliative ill person or dealing with a life-threatening illness or be suffering from a life-threatening disease yourself.  You should also explain your specific situation concerning the importance of making a flight happen.  All applications require medical confirmation. We are a Canadian and U.S. based charity.  Flights must be for Canadian residents or U.S. residents flying themselves or requesting flights for family and close friends. Yes, we fly to international countries or fly people from international countries to see their loved ones.

Do the Travel Miles cover a round trip?

Yes, they do!

Do the Travel Miles cover the taxes?

Yes, they do! Give A Mile pays for the flight taxes.

Who books the flights? We do! We collect the miles in our name, and once we have enough, we will reserve the flight and send you the ticket/itinerary by email.

Is there a choice of which airline?

Give A Mile collects loyalty miles to make flights happen. We need to book your flight with airlines that the miles work with and where seats are available. These airlines include most of all the Star Alliance carriers. We hope to expand this to many other airlines in the future.

Is there a way to thank those that donated miles?

The donor is often a community of several people, so the best way to express thanks is to send us back a note or photo from your visit; we will share it with our community. In some cases, the donor may ask to remain anonymous, and if this is the case, unfortunately, you will not be able to thank the donor.

Can I fly anywhere in the world?

The answer is yes. However, you will need to take care of any visa or visiting eligibility requirements yourself. Due to the large number of miles required for this, we can only approve a limited number each year.

How soon can I use this service, or how long does it take?

Once we have all paperwork submitted to us, it takes 24-48 hours to get your ticket approved and booked.  If this is an emergency and you need to fly right away, we will do our best to turn it around in 4 hours.

What if I don’t get enough miles donated for my trip?

There may be some instances in which your trip will not be funded. Give A Mile will do its best to help those in need. However, we cannot provide any guarantees.



Can I choose a specific person/story to donate my miles?

Yes, you can. Read a story that is compelling or resonates with you. Click on Donate to this Story, then choose which type of points or cash you would like to donate.  It will ask you to set up a brief profile this way; you can keep track of all the contributed flights.  You also enter the amount of miles or money you would like to donate.  $40 is roughly equal to 1,000 miles. To complete the transaction, you will log in to Aeroplan, PayPal, etc. No money or miles is transferred until you have logged into that account.  Any questions or problems, email us at [email protected].

What kind of points can I donate? Currently, Give A Mile is partnered with several organizations:

  • Aeroplan miles
  • American Express can be converted to Aeroplan
  • 12 other reward programs located here

We hope to expand this to many other Airlines in the future. We are in the process of developing more programs, and more details will follow soon.

Can I donate money?

Yes, there is a PayPal or Credit Card option for money donations. Money Donation Money Donation

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, we can provide tax receipts for any money donated but not for loyalty points or miles donated.

Does Give A Mile have charity status?

Yes, Give A Mile is recognized as a Canadian charity and is 501c in the U.S.

How many miles do I have to donate?

1,000 miles is currently the minimum. You can donate 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000. It is entirely up to you and Give A Mile, and the recipients will be happy with anything!

How can I trust Give A Mile?

We believe in the spirit and good of 99.9% of people. We are committed to full transparency. As our stories build, please read our testimonial section. If you feel any trust has been violated in any part of this equation, please contact us immediately, and we will investigate it thoroughly.

Do you have another question?

Please email your question to [email protected], and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.