Mothers Day <> Fathers Day

A special time of year, for connections that matter

We are on our way to reaching our goal of 10 Flights and 250,000 Miles

Happy Mothers and Fathers Day

Spring is here and so much is happening here at Give A Mile. Our Goal is to give away 10 flights to people who need to see loved ones and raise 250,000 miles. If you are interested in helping us make this happen, please reach out. Thanks so much to Bond Brand Loyalty for all their support.

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  1. Choose a story that moves you, or donate to the general pool. Most Give A Mile flight requests come from social workers, medical care providers or hospice care workers. All flights are medically verified and follow a review process.
  2. On our website, click DONATE NOW to take you to the page for easy dollar, Aeroplan miles, American Express points, Air Cash Miles or bitcoin donations.
  3. Get flight status updates and info on Give A Mile events on our website, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and through our blogs. Please share!
  4. Feel great in your heart for creating this amazing moment of support, and… repeat!

become a flight hero

How great does it feel to know you helped make an amazing flight of compassion happen? That is what the flight hero program is about: 25 friends in 25 days, 25,000 miles making a flight happen for a family in need. Create a challenge at work, make it a family gift or turn a birthday party into a Flight Hero opportunity. If friends don’t have miles to give, $40 will purchase approximately 1,000 miles so that will work too! Email us at [email protected] to become a hero.

She journaled for three days in hospice – and an entry in the journal expressed how happy she was to have her dear grandmother with her, as she made a very uncomfortable ride in the ambulance to hospice tolerable. She was there to hold her hand, and comfort her.

Grandma was at the bedside, along with Kim’s mom, along with other family she loved, when she left this world

– Grandmother wanting to be with her granddaughter, who was nearing end of life in Calgary

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